Genesis protects critical assets in the metaverse.

But during a bloody battle, Genesis is disrupted & breaks into ‘keys of freedom’. Boostman vanishes leaving a note…

'I challenge those brave enough to become vBoosters & recover the keys of freedom.'

The WBA (World Boost Agency) assigns missions to BoostMan & the vBoosters to help Humanity LIVE THE DREAM.

Will the KEYS OF FREEDOM be recovered before the world falls into chaos?

Following these tragic events, the WBA hired ZENITH, a new team of vBoosters who debut their mission on :

18th Nov 2023

Do they have what it takes to succeed?

We stream. We fight.

While we prepare for battles, the WBA has tasked us to stream & share good vibes.


We defeat enemies by sticking together as trusted & courageous genmates.


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