Genesis protects critical assets in the metaverse.

But during a bloody battle, Genesis is disrupted & breaks into ‘keys of freedom’. Boostman vanishes leaving a note…

'I challenge those brave enough to become vBoosters & recover the keys of freedom.'

Boost Agency assigns missions to BoostMan & the vBoosters to help all LIVE THE DREAM.

Will the KEYS OF FREEDOM be recovered before the world falls into chaos?

Following these tragic events, Boost agency hired ZENITH, a new team of vBoosters who debut their mission on :

18th Nov 2023

Do they have what it takes to succeed?

Vaniteas Pyrorian
Aria Night
Yuki mikazuki

Dream Goals

In Boost Agency, we challenge ourselves to reach new goals so that we can live the dream.


We defeat our enemies by sticking together as reliable, benevolent & courageous genmates.


Join us on stream.

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Boostman app helps you better manage your money.

Parents love it.

Tell them you use the app to waste less money on stuff & save up for something good.

Zenith Goals

All goals are in the app so we never loose focus on our dream.


Zenith post their streaming schedules on Twitter now X.

Join us!

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