Need a boost?

1. Save money.
2. Invest in the PIB.
3. Live the dream!

If you want to get rich, we advise you to invest your savings.

One option is to track your budget to spend less, and invest some savings in a vehicle such as the BIP (Boostman Investment Plan). 

Boostman is a key that opens the way to your goals.

The road to success

Success is the result of focusing on your goals.

Our mission

Boostman's purpose is to encourage us to 1) Save money 2) Invest in the BIP 3) Live the dream

#1: Saving money

Track your daily expenses to protect this budget. Save as much as possible while enjoying your life.

BoostMan app

Free and easy to follow any expense anywhere.

The BIP (Boostman Investment Plan) is an exclusive investment. 

BIP: Portfolio of limited contracts giving financial benefits to their owners.

A contract is a confidential savings plan. Save according to your means and schedule.
Your savings is guaranteed and renumerated by a yearly base interest rate.
Even better. They boost you by doubling your final interest.
Collect what is yours or win the jackpot! Your savings determines the value of your contract... Resell it at the price you want.

#2 Invest in the BIP

Becoming an investor is by invitation only. Start by discovering Boostman (app, Instagram, team)...

Like at home

The BIP is managed Swiss style (clean, secure & precise) by Boost Ltd.


Tech corner

Future of BIP? NFT blockchain integration

Real-time contracts

The contracts and their value are visible real-time in Boostman app. Investors are confidential. A cyber-attack would have 0 effect.

BoostMan motivates you to live your dreams on the go.

Save money

Respect your budget to save money. The app is designed for that.

#3: Live the dream

Whatever your dream (travel, property,...), set your goal and focus like a laser.

BoostMan Private Cloud

Security & Compliance

Your data is strictly confidential. Click the title to export your Boostman data from our private cloud. We are GDPR compliant.


Now that you have a success strategy it is time to get boosted.

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French style Swiss Made

Connect with the spirit of Boostman in this dated video.