Boostman has vanished & left a single note that reads...


'I challenge those brave enough to join my new team of Boosters & recover the keys of freedom stolen by my nemeses.'

It used to be kill or be killed. Today, it's fight for your freedom or live like a slave.





All we know is that before disappearing, the World Boost Agency (WBA) tasked Boostman to form a new team of Boosters with an audacious mission :

Recover the stolen keys of freedom.

Maybe you have what it takes to join the team on this BoostMission?!

'We fight slavery' - WBA


The keys of freedom were stolen in the virtual world, so Boosters must become vBoosters (vTubers) and recover the keys in the virtual world.


The WBA asks its vBoosters to work as a killer team on each BoostMission.


Join us!

Apply to join our vtubing agency as a vBooster or simply follow our BoostMissions on Youtube, TikTok & Twitter.

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Live the dream!

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BoostMan Private Cloud

Flexi App

The app has TWO flexible levels 1) BUDGET 2) EXPENSES.


Access the all the Booster's mission details in a single place.

Where is Boostman?

You may have the opportunity to meet our mysterious hero during one of his solo missions.

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