Need a boost?

Turn the Budget key to activate your goal & live the dream.

We all have dream goals.

Budgeting is key to unlock your energy, freedom and success.

The steps below show you how.

'Money makes the world go round.'

Master your Admin

Create an organisation and discipline that works for you. a. Paying bills. b. Calendar (key dates, events, history, routines). c. Trackers (income, taxes, banking, to do,...). d. Archives. -> Get started and keep improving.

Save Money!

It's easier to spend money than save it so automate your savings for emergencies or a project.

Your dreams

What are your goals this year? Study, work, travel, shopping, business... Can you fit it all into your admin/savings plans?

50-30-20 Budget

Make a yearly budget, with 50% for Day-2-Day, 30% Savings & 20% dreams spendings (download a template from the Budget section below).

We collaborate with influencers to support you on your money mission.

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Love the Youth

Boostman wants to help the young ones learn how to better manage their money so they can do more with less.


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Make a Budget

Click this title to download an example. Create your own (by hand, Excel, Numbers...).

Save & invest

Can you save 10-30% of your income instead of spending it? We offer investment advice for FREE because why loose your treasure?!!

Use Boostman App

Keep your eye on the ball on the go! Download Boostman (from appstore) & track your 20% dream goals in a cool way (savings, expenses, remaining budget).

BoostMan Private Cloud

Security & Compliance

Your data is strictly confidential. Click this title to export your Boostman data from our private cloud. We are GDPR compliant (we don't use your data).

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